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If you’re wanting to get the full sensory experience with your matcha, these matcha accessories are a good place to start.

Ceremonial matcha is traditionally prepared with a bamboo matcha scoop (measures 1-2 grams) and a bamboo whisk. The traditional bowl here is hand spun, beautiful, earthy, and deep enough to whisk a double batch of matcha.

This style of preparation adds a mindful component to your tea routine, as you focus your energy on the process of brewing and not merely upon the end product. Enjoy it all, from the scooping, to the frothiness of the whisking, to the beauty and functionality of the materials, and all the way to the last sip of your umami-filled, ninja turtle colored, zen inducing matcha!

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Matcha Accessories

Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk, Whisk Stand, Matcha Scoop, Matcha Bundle


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