De Palo Coffee Scoop (Short handle)


Short handled coffee scoop handcrafted out of coffee wood in Las Lomitas, Honduras.


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These beautiful scoops were handmade from coppiced coffee wood by pastor and carpenter Eduar Funez in Las Lomitas, Honduras. He provides employment and a more stable future to young apprentices and sources his wood from a local coffee farm, where old stumps and trimmings are normally burned and not utilized otherwise. We are thrilled to have a handful of these to sell in support of this small mountain community in Honduras.

From De Palo Products’ website: “Our short scoop is small enough to live in the bottom of your favorite bag, box, or can of coffee! We harvest our coffee wood exclusively from trees that have naturally finished their production cycle and would normally just be cut down and burnt.

  • Approx. 3 inches long

  • Handmade in Honduras
  • Holds approx. 1Tbs
  • Real coffee wood.
  • Finished with hot-brass branded logo and boiled linseed oil.”


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